Monday, March 31, 2014

NVScene demo released

I participated in the PC demo competition at NVScene.

You can download the demo here.

Please keep in mind this is basically a one-man production. I'm quite satisfied with how the final demo turned out, given the limited amount of time I had to work on it.

My NVidia GTC / NVScene slides and session video

Here are the slides and video of my presentation mentioned in the previous post:

Slides (PDF)
Video (ustream)

Unfortunately, it seems something went wrong during recording, the first 6:28 are audio-only, but then video also appears..

Monday, March 17, 2014

Speaking at NVidia GPU Tech Conference / NVScene 2014

I'll give a talk at NVScene in San Francisco on Thursday 27th:

Demo Engine Tricks of the Trade (2:00 pm, Session S4819)

The presentation will cover tips to improve design workflows, increase rendering performance and how to simplify graphics engine code.